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Interested in Competing in your sport and studying at a University in the US?


Contemporary Coaching College can also arrange referrals to American Athletics Scholarships, a company that specialises in assisting prospective student athletes who wish to study and compete in the US College system.


Athletic scholarships are unique to the US where about 1,500 colleges compete in a range of intercollegiate sports. Scholarships are awarded to athletes enabling them to finance their education. In return, athletes are required to train and represent their university in competitions. In swimming, for example, there are 249 universities that offer scholarships with some of the best coaching and facilities in the world. US College coaches look for students with good academic backgrounds who are team players. Although fast times are important, they are not the sole criterion. A strong ‘all-rounder’ is highly valued and you don’t have to be a super champion to have a chance of winning a scholarship


Do you feel confident in your sporting abilities, and would love an experience to pursue further studies while training and competing abroad?


The benefits of the US college system are that it provides an excellent pathway for athletes to continue developing in their sport while simultaneously undertaking a university education. The savings for parents can be substantial, with scholarships ranging from 30% to 100% of tuition and boarding fees. University fees in the US vary from $15,000US to $60,000US per annum.The actual process of getting a scholarship is lengthy and complicated, involving many regulations by the governing body, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Starting the process early ensures that the prospective student plans ahead in meeting the academic requirements of having studied certain pre-requisite subjects and making themselves known to coaches. Opportunities exist particularly for females who have a good track record in swimming and in the classroom.


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