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High School Course Tutoring



  • Mathematics – all years and all levels. Specializing in general, 2 unit, 3 unit  and 4 unit

  • English – all years and all levels. Standard, advanced and extension.

  • Economics/ Business Studies

  • Chemistry/ Physics

  • Biology

  • History/ Ancient History

  • Geography


  • Junior Science

  • Primary

  • Inquire within for other subjects

University Subject Tutoring
GMASAT & UMAT Examination Preparation Service



University subjects on demand with popular subjects including:

  • Statistics

  • Accounting

  • Econometrics

  • Economics

  • Inquire within for other subjects



Examination preparation plays an important role in achieving success.


Contemporary Coaching understands the importance of this and believes that studying hard is good, but coupled with studying smart is even better.


We know the tricks and methods that help students manage their time more effectively, to prepare and to organise efficiently and to target the necessary areas in complying with the syballus.

And most importantly learning how not to stress!





Although academic study is a vital part of learning and development of students it is not everything! In order for an individual to achieve their optimal potential it is vital they are both mentally and physically healthy in and out of the classroom. Mental and physical health are closely linked and often one can impact on the other. Extensive studies have shown how physical fitness improves many aspects of the mental well being of an individual. In assisting this development; Contemporary Coaching is aligned with professionals and institutions which can assist in reaching this balance. An example of this is our long standing relationships with child and adolescent psychologists and sport professionals all with vast experience in dealing with stresses associated with schooling and issues which hinder a student’s performance. If required arrangements can be made for recommendations to the respective professionals.


Past Paper Examination Service
Examination Preparation Service
Complementary Tutoring Services

Past Paper Examinations


Contemporary Coaching also boasts an extensive range of past papers and practice questions which target all different levels of difficulty and are used in tutorials by our tutors. Our papers and questions have been desgined to reflect the standard and style of questions from respective schools.

Examination Preparation


Contemporary Coaching College boasts an unparalleled range of past examination papers and practice questions targeting different levels of difficulty which are utilised in tutorials and for set homework.Our papers and questions have been designed to reflect the standard and style of respective schools.Examination preparation plays an important role in achieving success.

Other Services Offered


  • Advice of subject choice for year 10 students proceeding to year 11/12 HSC

  • Assisting students in methods of entering tertiary institutions

  • Advice on pathway education

  • Complementary one to one assessments with every student

  • Feedback with parents by appointment.



Contemporary Coaching College
Contemporary Coaching College in Sydney Road, Seaforth
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