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What Our Students Say About Us:

Parents & Students Testimonials:

"During my high school studies I attended Contemporary Coaching College for tuition in Advanced English and 4 Unit Maths. It made a world of a difference."


Jarrod / UAI 99.40 / SCEGGS





"The Contemporary Coaching College was a major factor in my daughter achieving an ATAR of 99.4 in her HSC and being a recipient of the NSW Premier’s Award. The college has dedicated teachers of the highest calibre and provides tuition in all subjects giving the students a comprehensive understanding of the theory, skills and exam techniques required to succeed."


Rachel / Parent / Shore




"Throughout my secondary school I attended Contemporary Coaching College, at the time I was undergoing both physical and mental sickness and as a result my marks were suffering considerably. Not only did the College provide me with proficient and understanding tutors, but also offered me much external help about my pathways to entering University, and constant ongoing support. Thanks to the College I was able to pursue my studies further by going to university and am in the process of completing an MBA. My greatest appreciation goes to them. I highly recommend the college to all students wanting to greater their marks and increase their academic performance."


Michael / St Augustine




"Contemporary Coaching College has provided both my sons Harry and Angus with wonderful support and care, during their HSC. Contemporary Coaching College was able to provide aid in all subject areas including maths, English, history and geography. Particularly, the wonderful personal support of John Kouts has been greatly valued by my family and we would like to extend our utmost appreciation. His caring attitude and good nature with students sets a fine example to other tutors within the business, and for this reason, their services are of an elite level. We wish the business luck with their future students and prospects and I will be looking forward to sending my youngest son there."


Belinda / Parent / Shore





"Before I started having tutoring at Contemporary Coaching College, I was having difficulty in a few high school subjects. These subjects included Maths and English. I was also tutored in Maths, English, Biology and Ancient History. I found the CCC helped me immensely in my HSC exams. The tutors are encouraging and willing to make the subjects easier to understand."


Amanda S / UAI 92.50 / Queenswood





"I have been very lucky to have the support of Contemporary Coaching College. I have missed over six week of study during the HSC period and they provided me with the support necessary to maintain my studies. They also organised various English, history and geography tutors for me, all of which had superior qualifications and skills."


Angus Pulver / Shore Student





"Our children, Sascha who is currently in year 12, Oscar in year 9 and Lily in year 4 have been benefiting from Contemporary Coaching College in Seaforth. They have always looked after the interest of our family and most importantly the interest of the children. They are always available to talk, discuss progress, make changes to timetables, etc. We have been really lucky to have the support and flexibility from CCC in Seaforth and would be very happy to recommend their services to any families looking for extra support and help."


 Ross & Sara Lane / Parents / SCEGS





"My two sons have been tutored at Contemporary Coaching and I am very impressed with the difference it has made to their academic results. John is an outstanding tutor and he always employs great staff also. He goes to great effort to match the correct tutor and pupil which is very important. He then monitors the student's progress to make sure they are reaching their optimum. I would highly recommend anyone who wants academic support or to simply improve their marks to use Contemporary Coaching College."


M. Miller / Parent / Shore





"Our family has been involved with Contemporary Coaching College for almost 6 years, over 3 HSC's. All three of our children studied math (2U advanced and extention 1) and have all achieved excellent HSC results. As well as extensive teaching experience and curriculum knowledge, they have a genuine interest in the students and their whole approach and preparation for the HSC year. They advised on their balance of subjects, time and stress management and was able to respond to crises in confidence and problems that inevitably arose over what is a stressful year for students. The college has a family oriented, optimistic, calm, professional, reilable, available atmosphere and provides a steady presents for the children (and parents). I can highly recommend John and CCC as providing high quality tuition along with an experienced caring, holistic approach to each student and family."


Lucy Machart / Parent


Contemporary Coaching College
Contemporary Coaching College in Sydney Road, Seaforth
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